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Posted up a little teaser for the Skull and Shark soundtrack - all original music by Lazerhawk  -

Announcements for the comic are coming this Halloween!

Check out the trailer below!

My Red Ranger print is now available from Acme Archives!…
Posted this up on youtube :), hope it helps!
Mystery Art Giveaway!

I'm giving away a collection of pieces from my sketchbooks among other things :). All you gotta do is re-post on Twitter, Share on Facebook and Tumblr(tag DRGiveaway) to enter!

I'll be choosing a Winner from each!

The Giveaway will come to a close on June 26th! So, 2 weeks :D. That should give me time to get everything together and make them mystery boxes!


Hey everyone! Thanks for all the kind words on the last couple images I posted! I'll continue my Mass Effect Medieval series(got 2 more comin) but in the meantime I made a quick step by step of the Garen image.

Check out the process here as well as other sketches/unfinished work i don't post on DA! -

Also, if you liked the Garen please support by buying a poster here - $10 :D -…
Helloooo! I don't really update deviantart with unfinished work, all of it usually ends up on my blog. So I figured I'd update here when I post up some more work incase anyones interested :).…


Hope everyones doin good!
Just wanted to say thanks to $techgnotic for the feature :D! And thanks to everyone for helpin get all that TMNT stuff out and around the internet :). Its awesome that the series of portraits is still getting all that exposure.

Appreciate it!

And for all new people watchin my page, I got a lot of process stuff and links to my livestream videos(via crimson daggers link) on my blog here-
Wanted to show a quick stereoscopic image I made out of my Merman portrait! These are pretty fun to do, I got a link to the tutorial I followed in the blog post.…
Updated my blog with some process stuff! -…

plus lots of other updates i never made blog posts for D:
Hey everybody! I just updated my blog with the process images for my latest Masters of the Universe portrait.

Check it out if you're interested!…
Sorry if I missed you on my regular facebook but now I got one specifically for art!…
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Click for more info on how to enter! -…
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Hey everybody! Just wanted to let you all know that I'm gonna be doing a print giveaway via my Twitter account. The TMNT prints are no longer available anywhere as of the end of Comic Con. But I still wanted to do somethin free to anyone who may have missed out or whatever else :).

The print will be from either series 1 or 2 of my TMNT series. I'll post up more details on my Twitter page as soon as its normal human hours and not 2 am as it is now.

This will be my scheme to get more followers, and hopefully I'll be doing a lot more giveaways as I go on!

Heres my Twitter page -!/DaveRapoza

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Hey everybody!

Just wanted to let you guys know I'll be at table G4 in Artist Alley! Come by, get prints, talk about stuff.
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